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Counsels Experience and Interests

Public Prosecutor in District and Regional Courts 1971-1974, Articles with Attorneys EFK Tucker 1974-1976, Admitted as an attorney of the High Court
1976, Practice as attorney in litigation department of EFK Tucker 1976-1977, Admitted as Advocate of the High Court of South Africa (Transvaal Provincial
Division) 14 March 1978, Admitted Member of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers 21 September 1994, Conferment of Silk status 1999, Acting
Judge in High Court (Witwatersrand Local Division) for various periods in 1999-2013, Member of the Johannesburg Bar Council 1999, 2002, 2008.
Guest speaker-various, including Civil Engineering Association on the duty of lateral support in surface excavations, Government Institutions on family matters including expert evidence, preparation of expert evidence, preparation of expert reports, various Acts, involving Family matters including the Children’s Act of 2005, Associations of Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Social Workers; on expert evidence, the Children’s Act, preparation of reports, school boards in Loco Parentris, Attorneys Association, Mediator on various Family Law issues 1999- 2010. Leader of Group 16 Group of Advocates for the past ± 25 years. Extensive practice specialising since 1994 in Family Matters. Appear consistently in various divisions of the High Court of South Africa, various reported decisions in the High Court and also Supreme Court of Appeal. Opinion work for Solicitors in England on South African Family Law. Currently practising as an Advocate of the Johannesburg Bar.